Niles York
Niles York


Dougray Scott


Niles York


Mr. York
The Second Frankenstein


Death Race 3: Inferno


A British corporate raider and the CEO of York Global Industries who is the co-director of "Death Race"


Vast High Intelligence
Mastery of Manipulation and Autocracy


Maintaining his authority with Death Race
Killing anyone either for pleasure or deeming them as a threat to his personal agenda


To either kill Carl Lucas or prevent him from winning Death Race in order to have him escalate his agenda
(All Failed)


Gets critically injured by Carl Lucas and later on killed by Machine Gun Joe


Arrogant Tyrant
Big Bad
Complete Monster
Master Manipulator
Sadistic Mastermind

Niles York is a fictional character of the Death Race franchise who served as the main antagonist in Death Race 3: Inferno and priorly appeared as the key character in Death Race.


Death Race owner R.H. Weyland (Ving Rhames) has been forced to sell the rights to Niles York (Dougray Scott), a British billionaire who acquired the rights by hostile takeover. York reveals he intends to relocate Death Race to the deserts of South Africa as a Transcontinental Race. With Lucas one win away from gaining his freedom, York threatens to kill him by any means necessary if he wins.

Before his first race, Lucas engages in a fist fight with other racers and his mask is knocked off in the middle of the fight, revealing to his crew who believed him dead. Before the first race, all of the female navigators had to participate in a Death Race "Navigator Wars" and Death Race itself is now hosted and produced by Satana (Hlubi Mboya). Contestants to be chosen are the top 10 survivors, with Katrina (Tanit Phoenix) among the survivors. Before the first race, all racers receive GPS locators surgically so the showrunners can locate the racers are at all times and if necessary kill them if they attempt an escape.

During the first race, racing in the deserts of Africa present a different set of difficulties compared to racing on the Terminal Island prison race course. Eleven racers take the start, but one, Jackal, jumps the start and is killed by the missile tracker. Joker, Pretty Boy and the Tazmanian Devil also die in the first sector. Razor beats out Frankenstein by a hair to win the first race.

After the race, Katrina tells Lucas they cannot resume their previous relationship as she is hearbroken over finding out he kept his survival secret from her. A fight ensues after the first race and Goldberg (Danny Trejo) is cut in the scuffle. The show's surgeon makes advances on Goldberg and the two establish a relationship. In order to make Katrina jealous, the producer Satana orders Psycho's (Jeremy Crutchley) navigator Amber to have sex with Lucas, who seems to refuse the offer. Satana and York grow suspicious that Lucas is up to something due to his non-rebellious attitude to being forced to lose. Lucas then explains to his team mates his deal with York to lose and says instead he made a "new deal."

The second race then commences with the death of three more drivers. Fury is killed after being tricked by Olga Braun (Death Race's first ever female driver) and she is in turn killed by Razor seconds later. Afterwards, Razor is struggling to handle both Lucas and Psycho before the three are joined by 14K (Robin Shou), having disabled Nero's car before leaving him to get beaten to death by an angry mob of locals. The race ends with Lucas emerging victorious in the second race. But at that moment, Goldberg is caught in an explosion caused by stray bullets from local hostile war lords, and is pronounced dead. Later on, York reminds Lucas he is to lose his next race to 14K or York will torture him and Katrina. Satana then discovers York wishes to replace her as producer and remove her from Death Race so he can assume complete control. Before the next race, Katrina confesses her love to Lucas, and Lucas admits he did not have sex with the other navigator when he had the chance. The final race begins with Razor disabling Psycho's car, causing the vehicle to go up in flames before Psycho is caught in the blaze and killed; his navigator Amber survives upon rushing to safety. Lucas then takes the lead and York attempting to kill Lucas with a homing missile but 14K shoots flares to send the missile off course which saves Lucas's life returning the "life for a life" favor.

Near the end of the race, Lucas holds a commanding lead and kills many of the Death Race guards along the way, vowing to kill York. Upon reaching the finish life, however, Lucas allows 14K to pass him and then speeds to York. York intends to confront Lucas himself, but Satana seductively handcuffs him to the table as revenge for his attempt to betray her whereas she made an earlier phone call on how to deal with York. Lucas soon crashes his car into the control room and explodes, engulfing the room in flames. Initially, it is insinuated that everyone except Lucas perished in the crash. However, it is revealed that Lucas and Katrina escaped unharmed, and now the unrecognizable York as Lucas, aka Frankenstein. In order to assert York is Frankenstein, Lists (Fred Koehler) confirms it is him, along with the show's surgeon who claims the implanted chip is that of Lucas's.

It is then revealed that Lucas's "new deal" he made during the meeting with Weyland was to fake Goldberg's death; the surgeon Olivia (Kim Syster) (Goldberg's love interest) falsely pronounced him dead, and after the crash pronounces York and Katrina as dead and Lucas as the sole survivor. Since York is officially dead, Weyland regains control of Death Race and grants Lucas, Katrina, Lists, and Goldberg their freedom, but Lists elects to stay behind and returns to Terminal Island. Weyland pays Lucas a substantial amount of money for his help regaining control of Death Race, he and Katrina relocate with Goldberg elsewhere, and York is punished for his crimes and he is imprisoned in Terminal Island, forcing him to become the Second Frankenstein.


  • Claire Hennessey and Niles York were the only villains to qualify as Complete Monsters, yet Hennessey is sadistically worse than him whereas York is arguably more arrogant than her.

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