This article about Zoey is only from Return of the All Stars - you can find logical information about the character from her two realistic appearences in her page.

Zoey (Total Drama)


Barbara Mamabolo




The Indie Chick


Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


A second generational contestant in Total Drama and the girlfriend of Mike


High Intelligence
Master of Strategy and Archery
Vast Exertion and Powerhouse Skills


Spending quality time and making friends with other competitors in Total Drama; particularly Mike


To find out about Mike's evil personality Mal and maintain her relationship with Mike
To prevent Alex from completing her coup
(Both Succeeded)
To win $1,000,000
(Failed in ROTI)
(Determined in TDAS)


3rd in Revenge of the Island
1st/2nd in All-Stars


Athletic Heroine
Passively Empathetic
Strategic Leader

Zoey is a fictional character of the Total Drama series who appeared as the deuteragonist in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and one of the main protagonists in Total Drama: All Stars.

She is set to fictitiously return as the female protagonist in Total Drama: Return of the All Stars.



Zoey is portrayed as a optimistic, kind-hearted girl who had once strived through a solitary life until she came to Total Drama with the purpose of making new friends; as she is exceedingly easy to get along.

She is very apologetic and has a compulsive need of seeking approval from others. Her experience in seeing the best in people can make her quite gullible on most occasions that allows some antagonists to decieve her for their personal agenda. While she isn't too stupid to fall for any tricks anyone might lay on her, Zoey's beliefs can mostly get the better of her even for situations within her closest friends that most causes her to take any warning not too seriously.

Zoey values her relationships with others and, even interacting with someone whom she does does not get along with, will validate their safety and well-being when necessary. While initially been determined to claim the millions dollar prize on the show, Zoey has no intention in winning the prize money and instead puts others first; becoming less tempted and more noble to honor her friends now often.


Having retained her traits from her alter-ego persona known as "Commando Zoey" from season four, Zoey has become a strengthening powerhouse and is able to pull off an impressive display of physical dexterity and mental skill over the course of the season. She managed to demonstrate her gradually, excessive newfound strength in some challenges such as colliding with Chef Hatchet, outmaneuvering the Drama Machine, holding her own against Sasquatchanakwa, and miraculously lift Owen to safety when the latter was on the verge of falling off a cliff.